about us
Canmatrix, Established in 2002, initially a fare filing company for major Air Consolidators in USA and Canada. For various fare filing platforms please click here.

Each and every Airline is North America offering a Commission, negotiated or paper fares that are distributed through major B2B booking engines are filed through Canmatrix.

With a vast Consolidation expertise, Canmatrix developed and successfully launched its first B2B engine using Sabre Web Services in 2009.

The B2C modules using Sabre and Amadeus web services are in beta testing.

Canmatrix technology also enables a direct XML feed with Airlines for booking directly into their respective inevntory systems with full reporting and transaction management features.

A key element of the Canmatrix technology is the feature that allows to set complex markups, discounts, GDS distribution, Airlines and supplier distribution on its enhanced B2C module.

Canmatrix launched its first B2B Hotel booking engine in year 2007 using mulitple XML feed offering Hotels, Apartments, Sight Seeing, Customized Vacation packages, Hotel inventory management and more.

Contact: +1 416 72 0411/ Email - cs@canmatrx.com
Online Travel & Tours applications.
Canmatrix.com provides Online Travel solutions for North American market.
Our B2B and B2C's are connected to Sabre and Amadeus web services.
We have experienced team for Fare filing in Amadeus FareXpert and Sabre MyFares.